About EMIS support

EMIS support ensures that all reported incidents are resolved or escalated as quickly and effectively as possible.

All EMIS customers have direct access to EMIS support. Our support consultants receive full training to enable them to have appropriate knowledge and understanding of the EMIS clinical systems, and deal efficiently with any incidents.

Any reported faults are allocated an EMIS Customer Reference (ECR) number which can then be used online to follow up any reported issues. Practices are also able to request an automatic email status update to save repeat visits to the website.

The online EMIS Web Support Centre 

A wide variety of training resources with the speed and convenience of an online service, the EMIS Web Support Centre is the one place for EMIS Web customers to go for all of their EMIS Web training queries.

We've pulled together the benefits of the training helpline, with the online training document library and learning centre website to create one comprehensive training information service. No more waiting on the phone, just go online for an answer straight away.

You'll usually access this Support Centre from the link on the homepage of EMIS Web, but you can also access it directly by using this address:


When you're presented with the login screen, enter:

  • your CDB number
  • your EMIS Web username
  • your EMIS Web password

And you're in.


Back-up procedure

The EMIS system has an automated backup system which, although practice definable, is generally set to activate overnight. Should the system fail to backup, an option to request the system to automatically contact EMIS Support appears on the backup status page.

The patching system

The software distribution system developed by EMIS known as the 'patch', enables practices to receive updates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Updates sent via the patch include medical drug and Read code dictionaries, enhancements to the functionality of EMIS software and additional EMIS modules to meet both users' needs and national NHS/DOH initiatives. The patch allows precise version control to improve Support standards and eradicates the risk of software viruses transmitted through disk updates.

 One of the good things about EMIS support is that you can phone up and nine times out of ten the issue is sorted on the spot.

Anthony Fisher, Devonshire Green & Hanover Medical Centres

Contact us on 0845 122 2333.

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About EMIS support

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