ECR Tracker

EMIS customers can report and track support queries 24/7 using the ECR Tracker – EMIS’s popular online support software.

Quick and easy

All support queries logged with EMIS are given an EMIS Customer Reference (ECR) number – a unique reference that enables support teams and customers to effectively and efficiently communicate and resolve issues.

The ECR Tracker is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with EMIS Support. It’s clear and easy to use, providing a quick snapshot of all outstanding issues, alongside a comprehensive search of all historical support issues – which can be used to quickly reactivate a resolved issue if a fault reoccurs.

Supporting information can be added at any time – and with real time updates from EMIS Support and instant email alerts, customers can track the progress of issues to the minute without returning to the website or calling for an update.

Additional features: status updates on national incidents including issues that may be affecting EMIS Access or any major incidents that are known to be affecting a large number of customers.

The ECR Tracker is not just for practices. Using a linked login your PCO can use the ECR Tracker to monitor reported incidents, generate reports and escalate issues - for every EMIS practice within the region.

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ECR Tracker summary screen
ECR Tracker summary screen

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