EMIS IQ Enterprise Search and Reports

Throughout the UK, NHS organisations are benefiting from instant access to cross-organisation data for search and reports using EMIS Web.

The system enables organisations - from CCGs and Public Health to GP federations and health boards - to run instant searches on the data held by practices within or outside of their locality, with their prior consent. It’s a fast, efficient way to see up to the minute health information that can be used in a number of ways to benefit patient care, for example:

  • improving call and recall such as for childhood vaccinations – for NHS Tower Hamlets this has improved uptake of MMR second dose from just over 80 per cent to almost 95 per cent
  • ensuring accuracy and consistency of medical records – e.g. to ensure a diabetic read code is present if a diagnosis of diabetes has been recorded
  • presenting data on patient care and the quality of services to general practice
  • to help improve services and monitor patient care to assess initiatives – for example a recall programme can be evaluated as quickly as one month after implementation; if successful it can be rolled out to other practices
  • to save time by collecting audit data remotely
  • to assess potential cardiovascular risk when used in combination with QRisk – the cardiovascular risk score developed by the University of Nottingham in partnership with EMIS.

The entire process saves time – because data is collected electronically it is available immediately, without relying on visits to practices to collect information.

For more information email  or call 0845 125 5536.

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EMIS Web search and reports
EMIS Web search and reports
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