EMIS PCS is a fully integrated, intuitive GP clinical system. The popular windows-based system is used by general practices throughout the UK, helping to streamline practice efficiency and maximise QOF points.

EMIS PCS has benefits for everyone in the practice. GPs tell us that they find the intuitiveness of the medical records and consultations screens a real plus, making information quick and easy to find during consultations.

Admin staff love the easy to use appointments module – colour coding and quick patient searches make booking appointments fast and simple. Many practice managers opt for our popular hosting service, which removes server management and back-up requirements.

What’s more, EMIS PCS will ensure that data is only ever entered once and then populated throughout the system, making sure data is in the right place to meet your QOF targets

EMIS PCS is made up of a number of the following key integrated modules:

  • Appointments
  • Medical records
  • Consultation mode
  • Templates
  • EMIS drug explorer
  • Formulary management
  • Intelligent prescribing
  • Microsoft Word integration
  • Advanced decision support
  • Search and audit.

Essential patient services that are seamlessly integrated into EMIS PCS help the practice to streamline processes and save time, including online appointment booking with EMIS Access, self check-in with Automated Arrivals and LCD screen patient call with Envisage.

 EMIS PCS provides a richly detailed medical record where there are options for ease of data entry. It helps the practice to achieve high quality patient care and attain QOF targets.

Keith Burns, Broadbay Medical Practice, Stornoway

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EMIS PCS consultation mode
EMIS PCS consultation mode
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