EMIS Web allows primary, secondary and community healthcare practitioners to view and contribute to a patient's cradle to grave healthcare record. This can significantly improve patient care and increase efficiency.

EV004 EMIS Web Overview

Healthcare without boundaries

The advantage of EMIS Web is that it puts vital information at the fingertips of those who need it most, when they need it most, through secure data sharing.

Demographic and/ or clinical details can be accessed in real time by extended services, leading to improved patient safety. Teams such as diabetes clinics, ultrasound and minor surgery are accessing crucial details including up to date patient allergies, history and medication.

There are timesaving benefits too, for example community matrons no longer need to visit practices to get vital patient information. As CCGs begin to bring care closer to the home, fast access to patient information in scenarios like this will become increasingly important.

Delivering results throughout the UK

CCGs that are already using EMIS Web have noticed a positive impact after implementing EMIS Web, most notably in the areas of timesaving and improved patient care.

Liverpool CCG has found that waiting times for minor surgery have been cut for all patients – in some cases from nine months to one day – since implementing EMIS Web. This is down to the availability of GP patient data at the clinic, enabling minor surgery clinicians to act straight away.

EMIS Web logoNHS Tower Hamlets reports that the administration office supporting the physiotherapy team is saving seven hours each week now that they are using EMIS Web. The staggering amount of time saved is by no longer having to manually input or duplicate information.

Similarly, the primary care psychology department is saving up to 38 hours each week on report production.

In Gateshead, primary care records for 206,000 patients are now available to be seen by out of hours clinicians, in the event of the patient requiring unscheduled care.

In South Lakes, GPs are using EMIS Web to share patient records with community nurses, providing them with the information they need during consultations with patients and saving travelling time and expenses.

 EMIS Web’s data sharing features allow GPs and community staff to share agreed data sets with confidence.

Mark Caulfield, Information Service Manager, NHS Tower Hamlets

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EMIS Web medical record summary
EMIS Web medical record summary
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