EMIS Web for practice managers

For practice managers, EMIS Web is a tool to help manage the day to day running of the surgery.

EMIS Web is built for practice managers and admin staff as well as GPs, to enable everyone to save time in many day to day tasks.

At EMIS we understand that your clinical system can play a part in keeping the practice running smoothly. The practice management features of the system aim to help busy practice managers do this, such as:

  • Efficient management of daily tasks from one screen - as a practice manager you can send tasks to one or more of your colleagues, and use the task manager to relay important information to everyone in the practice, such as reminders of agreed practice policy.
  • Easy management of the appointment book - advanced planning capabilities such as week ahead and month ahead planning enable you to easily organise the appointment book in advance. It’s easy to create and store sessions and/or weekly templates, and sessions can be set to recur daily, weekly, every weekday or monthly.
  • Flexible and easy population reporting – bespoke searches and reports can be used to simplify the management of preventative care and patient recall, as well as for the nGMS contract. To save time on regular searches, you only need to build the target population once and it is stored in the system to be used again.
  • Features to help you maximise QOF points - all the templates and searches you need to gain QOF points are included in EMIS Web. Searches are fully automated and easy to use, to save time. EMIS Web will give you a ‘how am I driving?’ view of the practice’s patient records. This shows how many QOF points you would achieve if they were calculated today, to help you plan what is required.

...plus many more features to help everyone in the practice save time.

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Predict future QOF performance with a How am I driving? view
Predict future QOF performance with a How am I driving? view
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