EPR Viewer

A real-time view of GP patient data from multiple practices – ideal for hospitals, especially unplanned care departments, or any department where a view of the GP record would save time and improve patient care.

A wide range of NHS organisations across the UK are already benefiting from EPR Viewer. From A&E departments to community pharmacy, organisations are reporting that they are saving time by having a real-time, detailed view of patients' GP records at their fingertips, 24/7.


What is EPR Viewer?

It's a simple way for NHS organisations to view GP patient data from across the locality. It's a read-only view of the GP patient record, available 24/7 from practices using any EMIS system.

It's ideal for organisations working in unplanned care: it can help relieve winter pressures on A&E by providing clinicians with the information they need treat patients effectively in a fast-paced setting.


Who can benefit?

Any NHS organisation that needs a view of the GP medical record can benefit from EPR Viewer:

  • instant access to current and past medication without relying on the patient's recollection, to help improve diagnosis
  • a view of all current and past problems, including detailed patient history
  • reduction in duplication of tests – all recent test results are available
  • up-to-date information on allergies to increase patient safety
  • clinicians have more time to spend with patients.


EPR Viewer in action

Using EMIS EPR Viewer, local hospitals in Lancashire can now view key information from the patient records held by 91 GP practices across Blackburn.

Urgent care doctors and hospital pharmacists calculate that it is saving them hundreds of phone calls and faxes a month to GP practices to check patients’ medical details – equating to 3.5 working days a month


How to get started

For more information on how EPR Viewer can benefit your organisation please contact your local Sales Account Manager via Customer Fulfilment on 0845 125 5536 or .

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