Expert data transfer

Migration of data from one clinical system to another is one of the most important aspects of moving to a new system, so we treat it with high priority.

Good quality data is vital to help you provide excellent patient care and maximise your QOF points.

We take a collaborative approach towards data transfer, to ensure that it is completed to your satisfaction. A designated member of EMIS’s specialist Data Transfer Department will work closely with you, and together we will ensure that your data is successfully converted.

A system switch from a third party system to EMIS Web or EMIS PCS - including data transfer and engineering time – is completed on average within three to five days. The data migration itself is usually completed within one day.

A transfer to EMIS Web from an existing EMIS LV or PCS system will typically be done overnight.

Margaret Baines, Practice Manager at St Georges Practice Blackburn, said: “Data was streamed real-time from LV to EMIS Web, this allowed us to do our training and review the data. EMIS provided us with lists of data to check. When go-live day arrived, EMIS switched off LV the night before and we went live with EMIS Web the next morning.”

Our in-house Data Transfer department has successfully completed thousands of data migrations, including upgrades and practice splits and merges, as well as transfers from third party clinical systems.

When it comes to your data, you can trust the system experts at EMIS.

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Expert data transfer

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