EMIS Group is the UK leader in connected healthcare software and services. Its solutions are widely used across every major UK healthcare setting from primary and community care, to high street pharmacies, secondary care and specialist services.

Our business

Our core objective is to profitably improve the health of communities by developing systems to help clinicians and others involved in patient care to create and mobilise each patient's electronic healthcare record.

Through integration and interoperability, EMIS Group helps clinicians share vital information, facilitating better, more efficient healthcare and supporting longer and healthier lives.


Primary and community

EMIS remains the UK GP software clear market leader with a market share of 53.0% (5,232 GP Practices) (2012: 51.2% (5,113 GP Practices)) and also has a growing presence in community, children's and mental health (CCMH, where the procurements are led by clinical commissioning group (CCGs)).

Egton specialises in the supply of ICT infrastructure, application software, hosting and value added services to healthcare and other public and private sector organisations. is the UK’s leading independent health information and healthcare transactional site. 


Community Pharmacy

RX Systems is a major supplier of software to pharmacists with a UK market share at 31 December 2013 of 35.3% (2012: 34.8%) of UK high street pharmacies.

The ProScript software is the most widely used community pharmacy dispensary management system in the UK, efficiently managing the dispensary process, labelling and endorsing patient records, ordering and stock control.


Secondary and specialist care

Ascribe has substantial market share in hospital Patient Administration Systems (PAS), Pharmacies and Accident and Emergency departments as well as in mental health settings when the procurements are led by the acute sector.  Ascribe also has international reach with 18% of its recurring revenue derived from Australasia. 

Digital Healthcare provides solutions and services to manage and support systematic population-based eye screening programmes.  In England and Wales, it has a market share in excess of 80% as well as significant international presence. 



Healthcare Gateway, the Group’s joint venture, now gives access to virtually all UK primary care and community health records via the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG).

The Health Application Platform (HAP) from Ascribe gives access to EMIS Group and third party health records in secondary care.


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