Medicines Manager

Medicines Manager is a service that enables the electronic transfer of information for repeat prescriptions.

Medicines Manager links EMIS Web with Rx Systems’s ProScript® dispensary management – enabling the two systems to talk to each other about patient’s repeat medication and exchange information directly between them.

 This project has vastly improved communication between GP, pharmacist and patient. We can review the patient’s medication and provide feedback to the GP or contact the patient with concerns.

Jignesh Patel, Pharmacist, RoPharm Community Pharmacy

Electronically connecting the two systems' enables GPs and pharmacists to better meet their patients' repeat medication needs, including out-of-hours emergency prescriptions.

Time and cost savings

A pharmacy and GP surgery in Plaistow have successfully trialled the integrated repeat medications service, and are already realising the benefits in terms of patient compliance, safety and integrated care, as well as time and cost savings.

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