On-site training

EMIS on-site training is aimed at small groups of GPs, nurses, managerial or administrative staff, and set within the practice's own environment using their own EMIS system and dummy data.

With an EMIS Account Manager at hand, on-site training is a great way to cover queries and knowledge gaps on any aspect of the EMIS clinical system.

Depending on the needs of the practice, the training can be carried out on a modular basis, or based on the role of an individual focusing on specific sections of the clinical system relevant to the role. All system training can be complimented by training documentation and e-learning tools available for free via the EMIS online common room.

Participants can use the on-site training time to refresh themselves on the areas they feel they lack the correct expertise, a recap on key areas, to improve data quality or to focus on the real time saving features of the clinical system.

Further information

To find out more about on-site training call 0845 125 5536 or email .

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On-site training

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