Other training options

To help ensure you choose the correct and most beneficial training option we offer learning needs analysis, consultancy and bespoke training. In addition, seconded staff and floor walkers can be provided to work as part of your team to troubleshoot during implementation of programmes or to follow up new installations.

Training needs analysis

Training needs analysis is an effective way to identify any knowledge gaps, as well as the strengths you already possess within your organisation. This process is invaluable for ensuring that money is spent on the right type of training - helping you to achieve your business objectives, personal development plans and learning programmes.

Bespoke training

EMIS can tailor practice training to meet your practice's requirements. This could be to cover a few modules to a group of staff over the course of a day, or working individually with members of staff.


EMIS can offer consultancy services to practices either as a one-off or on a regular basis. Consultancy services can be used for specific projects or on an occasional basis to help maximise use of the EMIS system and improve your business processes.

Seconded staff

EMIS can provide seconded staff for one month or more to help a CCG or CSU to implement key strategic programmes. Seconded staff are accredited in all aspects of the EMIS clinical system and receive frequent updates on EMIS developments, whilst helping the CCG or CSU to provide a flexible training solution without the constraints of permanent contracts.

Floor walkers 

One or more of our experienced Account Managers will visit your practice to resolve problems and deal with queries. This is an ideal way to follow up a new installation, upgrade or to provide training updates to your staff.

Floor walking allows your practice staff to be trained ‘on the job’. Our Account Managers can assist and train staff at their workstations - providing immediate solutions and answers to everyday problems and tasks as they occur.

Floor walking provides end users with the help and support they need to implement new systems, business change processes and workflows. It can also be used to review current working processes.

Further information

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Other training options

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