offers an extensive, reliable and comprehensive source of health and disease information.

Established in 1997 as a resource for non-medical people within the UK, has since evolved into a valuable resource provided free for both patients and healthcare professionals. provides appropriate information on health, disease and lifestyle matters in a patient friendly format via:

  • more than 3,000 patient information leaflets (PILS)
  • information on support organisations
  • links to trusted UK medical websites
  • diagrams of the body

and much more.

During consultations medical professionals have the information at their fingertips. In an instant they can quickly print useful information for the patient to take away and gain further understanding of their medical condition.

Patients' view

In addition, patients can also access the Patient Experience Forum. The forum provides advice and support from patients and relatives of patients – a forum which has been invaluable for many of its visitors.

The forum confronts many issues that face patients everyday, helping them to come to terms with the reality of their condition and seek advice and reassurance from others suffering from the same or similar illnesses.

It allows forum members the opportunity - and anonymity - to tell, read and discuss the details of the most intimate of conditions, symptoms and treatments and how their lives and relationships have been affected – rather then experts trying to educate them.

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