QRisk2® is helping to improve prevention of cardiovascular disease, the nation’s biggest killer.

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The QRisk2 research was undertaken using the QResearch® anonymised medical research database and the algorithm is updated annually. More than 700 practices using EMIS Web, PCS and LV, representing around 12 million patients, regularly contribute to the database, and over 5.5 million of these patients are included in the QRisk data set.


QRisk2 analyses a 15 year period of the patient’s medical history to determine the patient's likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease.

The analysis takes into account many of the traditional risk factors included in Framingham, such as age, sex, cholesterol/ HDL ratio, blood pressure, diabetes and smoking status, but in addition includes other risk factors for example; the area in which the patient lives, their ethnic group, family history, lifestyle and other information in their medical history.

Available free with EMIS systems

The QRisk2 software, developed by EMIS in collaboration with ClinRisk Ltd, is free of charge to EMIS practices and can be accessed via EMIS clinical systems. This can enable all EMIS practices to generate a list of high risk patients for primary prevention in Population Manager based on the QRisk2 equation.

Patients can also use the tool for self assessment to get an idea of their individual risk of cardiovascular disease by visiting www.qrisk.org.

For further information on QResearch and its projects please visit www.qresearch.org.

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