Seminars and workshops

Our seminars and workshops cater for groups of EMIS customers and are usually arranged by CCGs or CSUs. Participants work individually and/or in groups to acquire the knowledge to solve work related tasks.

Group training is a simple and cost effective way to increase system knowledge and skills. EMIS covers a wide variety of topics within our seminars and workshops such as key system areas, data quality, prescribing costs and paperlight initiatives. We can also tailor our seminars and workshops to cover a specific agenda that is subject to local needs.


The relaxed and informal approach to our seminars has proved a popular training option for large groups. Practices who have taken part have noted an increase in the quality of staff performance through accuracy, efficiency, safe practice and better patient care. Our expert system trainers provide up to date information and ensure every participant receives the latest training handouts to take away. It is ideal to gather knowledge on specific modules of the system.

Seminars run for half or full days and are broken down into convenient modules.


EMIS workshops are held for small groups of delegates who want to cover specific modules of the system, perhaps in line with local targets or seasonal demands.

Workshop participants are given the opportunity to learn and practice skills and integrate new information with existing knowledge and can help participants to establish a focus.

EMIS workshops encourage participants to interact with the trainer and their colleagues - exchanging information whilst gaining hands on experience.

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To find out more about EMIS seminars and workshops call 0845 125 5536 or email .

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Seminars and workshops

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